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Japan Karuizawa wedding – Let’s appreciate the beauty of autumn and winter!

Are you ready for the fall? Recently, I realized that there is a cool breeze outside which hurriedly remind us that autumn and winter actually came……Well, many people like spring and summer because the atmosphere is joyful and full of warmth, and flowers and picturesque views are easily seen. But some of us love autumn and winter more because of its tranquillity, gentleness and mystery. Autumn in Japan is full of orange red maple leaves with dazzling sunshine, as if they always encourage people to love one another every moment. If you are about to marry a partner, you might consider going to Japan Karuizawa to get married. Continue reading

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Seragaki Chapel – A brand new Japan Chapel opened in September 2018!

How many times have we seen a wedding venue with a clear blue sky and breathtaking seaview? Well, far too many times. I truly understand what you are murmuring right now: ‘I really want something really special and surprising, unlike the previous ones.’ And recently, my friends recommend me a Japan Chapel called Seragaki Chapel which is a brand new chapel opened in September, 2018. So what does Japan’s latest offering, Seragaki Chapel, bring to the table?

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Want a romantic wedding with high privacy? Wedding Village Guam Crystal Chapel is waiting for you!

Honestly speaking, most women do like crystals, gems and diamonds, don’t they? It is not because of the value or how expensive they are. Just take the first glance of these sparkling jewels, people are always attracted by these shiny and bright things, which is the nature of human beings. What do they truly symbolise? Maybe because everyone have a glance of these gems, it feels like being cherished, which is the true meaning of crystals and jewels. It is no surprise that many newlyweds and couples like travelling to Guam in the United States, because there are one of the most famous church – Crystal Chapel. Continue reading

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