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日本婚禮: 擁抱最美的珊瑚海-古宇利島的「天空教堂」,讓你找回大自然中最初的感動!

大部分的新人都會特別喜歡新的教堂,讓自己擁有更特別的婚禮和婚照,那種獨一無二的感覺,懂的!2018年的夏天,又迎來新教堂啦~日本沖繩  古宇利島的「天空教堂」(Celeste Chapel) 將會是你最愛的選擇~

如果你喜歡島嶼、珊瑚礁、大海和沙灘的話,就不能錯過「天空教堂」了! Continue reading

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Want a romantic wedding with high privacy? Wedding Village Guam Crystal Chapel is waiting for you!

Honestly speaking, most women do like crystals, gems and diamonds, don’t they? It is not because of the value or how expensive they are. Just take the first glance of these sparkling jewels, people are always attracted by these shiny and bright things, which is the nature of human beings. What do they truly symbolise? Maybe because everyone have a glance of these gems, it feels like being cherished, which is the true meaning of crystals and jewels. It is no surprise that many newlyweds and couples like travelling to Guam in the United States, because there are one of the most famous church – Crystal Chapel. Continue reading

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