Japan Karuizawa wedding – Let’s appreciate the beauty of autumn and winter!

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Are you ready for the fall? Recently, I realized that there is a cool breeze outside which hurriedly remind us that autumn and winter actually came……Well, many people like spring and summer because the atmosphere is joyful and full of warmth, and flowers and picturesque views are easily seen. But some of us love autumn and winter more because of its tranquillity, gentleness and mystery. Autumn in Japan is full of orange red maple leaves with dazzling sunshine, as if they always encourage people to love one another every moment. If you are about to marry a partner, you might consider going to Japan Karuizawa to get married.


Karuizawa is known as the "Small Switzerland". There are stone buildings, forests and many other elements. Karuizawa has all the ideal and romantic wedding venues. In autumn and winter, Karuizawa is as beautiful and elegant as a fairyland. It is tranquil as if the land is being locked into a glamorous glass shadow box and your partner and you will become the happiest price and princess in this world!


(Remarks: Japan Karuizawa has high latitude, and winter is also earlier than other cities in Japan. At the end of November, there is some snow on the roadside. If it is in good weather, you will find the magnificence between the heavens and the earth.)


Which places are the most ideal wedding venues in Japan Karuizawa?

Autumn Beauty - Kogen Church

Church Address: 2144 Karuizawa, Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture 389-0111 Japan

Church capacity: 80 guests

Wedding time: 1000/1200/1500/1700

Free upgrade service: 2 nights new honeymoon room with breakfast, wedding steaming, live music, make-up footage, happy rice ceremony


When I take the very first glance of these pictures, I was like, ‘Wow, the fairy tale world really exists, which is quiet, peaceful, dreamy and mysterious.’ The environment there is flattering and relaxing, with the elegant design of this wooden church. We can appreciate the beauty and warmth of the autumn and receive the sincere blessings from nature!

Winter Beauty - Stone Church Stone Church

Church address: 〒389-0103 Nagano Prefecture, Kitasaku District, Sakai-cho Hoshino

Church capacity: 40 guests

Wedding time: 1030/1230/1530/1730

Free upgrade: 2 nights new honeymoon room with breakfast, wedding steaming, live music, make-up footage, happy rice ceremony


In the winter, Karuizawa is different from the past. You will be amazed by the vastness and tranquility of nature. The snow has covered the earth. How can you not fall in love with this place? When I first saw the Church of Stone, I was like, "The structure and design of this church is unique!" The famous American architect KENDRICK KELLOGG injected five natural elements of "stone, light, water, green, and tree" and built the stone in 1988. The church is perfectly integrated into the elegant environment of Karuizawa. It is said that the stone represents the male, the glass represents the female, and hope that the newlywed will be always pleased and joyful.

Japan Wedding Package

Carefree wedding booking and logistics arrangement

Rental of wedding gown (1 set) and tuxedo (1 set) (7 Days)

Rental of wedding accessory with necklace, earring and headdress

Experienced onsite wedding coordinator for supervision

Graceful bridal hair and make up service

Beautiful bouquet and boutonniere for bride and groom

Graceful floral decoration for the wedding location

Romantic live wedding music

Premium photo shooting service (around 150 pcs)

DVD containing all high resolution digital photos

Symbolic/Legal wedding certificate

Native English speaking celebrant

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