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Over and above lecturers: prime graduate small business educational institutions for employability

The globalised business enterprise landscape is consistently evolving. Our synthetic intelligence-fuelled foreseeable future stands to deliver large improvements to the future of work, these as an boost in reliance on automation. This means rethinking the skills foreseeable future workforces really need to do … Continue reading

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The Sweet Digs at These five Atlanta Workplaces Will give you Envy

Everybody knows that Atlanta is actually a genuine estate city, along with the tech group is not any exception.From transformed places of work to new headquarters to coworking warehouses, Atlanta has its justifiable share of appealing places of work and facilities for all those inside the startup ecosystem. p … Continue reading

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“要麼旅行,要麼讀書。身體和靈魂,必須有壹個在路上。”當在手機新浪微博上讀到這句話時,我坐的車正穿行在蜿蜒起伏、綿亙委迤的群山間。 因長時間坐車勞頓,同伴已沈沈睡去。車窗外,溫度很低,飄著細密的雨。窗玻璃上,掛滿了晶瑩的雨珠。伸出纖細的手,我試圖握住它們,觸到的卻是清冽的淚。 誰的眼淚在飛? 雨珠不停地滑過玻璃窗,向後遊曳,仿佛趕赴壹場華麗的盛宴,如此抉絕。仿若流星劃破夜空,惟余壹條淺淺的傷痕。 想起了壹句話:妳從天堂外門外走過,順手劃傷了我。 神秘的高原,旖旎的雪域風光,這洋輕輕的,不經意的駐進了心裏,觸動了心底最柔軟的地方。多麼想,把自己的身體和靈魂安放在此,不再回到喧囂的塵世。 這個假期,壹直行走在西藏,沒 … Continue reading

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