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【Destination Wedding】Destination Wedding Planners Hong Kong, Destination wedding recommendations for you!

Hong Kongers love to hold overseas wedding. Do you know why? It’s because holding a destination wedding is way easier and less troublesome than having a wedding ceremony here in Hong Kong! Besides, cool couples would love to have an extraordinary wedding which breaks through those traditional habits and frame … Continue reading

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Japan Karuizawa wedding – Let’s appreciate the beauty of autumn and winter!

Are you ready for the fall? Recently, I realized that there is a cool breeze outside which hurriedly remind us that autumn and winter actually came……Well, many people like spring and summer because the atmosphere is joyful and full of warmth, and flowers and picturesque views are easily seen. But some of us love autumn and winter more because of its tranquillity, gentleness and mystery. Autumn in Japan is full of orange red maple leaves with dazzling sunshine, as if they always encourage people to love one another every moment. If you are about to marry a partner, you might consider going to Japan Karuizawa to get married. Continue reading

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