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Go to Australia Sydney and shoot the most beautiful pre-wedding photos!

Thinking of shooting overseas pre-wedding photos? It is no surprise that many celebrities chose Australia as their best venue for wedding photography recently. For example the famous Hong Kong celebrity Shawn Yue and his girlfriend Wang Xiaoyun went to Australia to have their pre-wedding photos shooting. Take the very first glimpse of their wedding photos, all we can see is the green scene, rocks and the jewel-like blue sky, which is filled with warmth and tranquillity. Sydney is a vibrant place with spacious lawns, distant mountains and blue sky. Our professional photographers can capture newlyweds’ most beautiful and unforgettable moment in Sydney. Here are some popular pre-wedding photo attractions in Sydney listed below: Continue reading

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想到海外拍攝美麗婚照?沒問題!最近不少明星名人都選擇澳洲為理想的婚攝最佳場地,例如余文樂和王棠雲到澳洲拍婚照,看他們的照片,整個就是陽光與綠景,瀰漫溫暖的大自然氣息。若你喜歡婚照既有大自然的綠景,也有傳統的歷史建築作背景,那麼澳洲悉尼可是你的首選。澳洲悉尼坐擁無敵開闊的草坪、遠山、藍天、白雲,清新又不失莊重。澳洲悉尼有以下絕佳婚攝景點,讓我們專業的攝影師為你們拍下一幕幕最美麗動人的畫面: Continue reading

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Seragaki Chapel – A brand new Japan Chapel opened in September 2018!

How many times have we seen a wedding venue with a clear blue sky and breathtaking seaview? Well, far too many times. I truly understand what you are murmuring right now: ‘I really want something really special and surprising, unlike the previous ones.’ And recently, my friends recommend me a Japan Chapel called Seragaki Chapel which is a brand new chapel opened in September, 2018. So what does Japan’s latest offering, Seragaki Chapel, bring to the table?

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