Want a romantic wedding with high privacy? Wedding Village Guam Crystal Chapel is waiting for you!

Honestly speaking, most women do like crystals, gems and diamonds, don’t they? It is not because of the value or how expensive they are. Just take the first glance of these sparkling jewels, people are always attracted by these shiny and bright things, which is the nature of human beings. What do they truly symbolise? Maybe because everyone have a glance of these gems, it feels like being cherished, which is the true meaning of crystals and jewels. It is no surprise that many newlyweds and couples like travelling to Guam in the United States, because there are one of the most famous church – Crystal Chapel.


The basic information of Crystal Chapel

Church capacity: Maximum 70 guests

Wedding time/period: 0900/1030/1200/1330/1500/1630

Free upgrade service: Extra wedding photo shooting (50 pcs including make up, surroundings of chapel, beach shooting)


*Hotels that need to stay: Hotel Nikko Guam

What makes Crystal Chapel so special? Among thousands of wedding destination, why can Crystal Chapel stand out from the crowd?


Crystal Chapel was built in 2006. Just give a glance of the architectural design of Crystal Chapel, it looks like a glass lodge in a fairy tale, which is magical, modern yet elegant. From the crystal clock in the wedding ceremony to the crystal cross in the centre of the church, you can see “crystal blessings” everywhere.

When you are standing outside the church, you can easily look at the breathtaking sea view of Tumon Bay, just like being surrounded by the clear sea water.


The most special ceremony must be the “Crystal Oath”. Newlyweds just clasp their hands, put their hands on a huge crystal and let the crystal become the most beautiful amulet of the marriage.

Why should we choose Crystal Chapel as our best wedding destination? Well, everyone would like to have their own wedding ceremony with high privacy, right? Bump into another newlyweds in the same wedding destination? It will be a nightmare. What you want is to involve just the two of you with a select handful of family and friends, and high privacy is a must. Crystal Chapel is like a wedding village. All facilities, including the Bridal Room, the guest banquet hall and photo salon, are all private, creating a special paradise with extremely high privacy.

Guam Wedding Package

Carefree wedding booking and logistics arrangement

Rental of wedding gown (1 set) and tuxedo (1 set) (7 Days)

Rental of wedding accessory with necklace, earring and headdress

Experienced onsite wedding coordinator for supervision

Graceful bridal hair and make up service

Beautiful bouquet and boutonniere for bride and groom (Fresh flowers)

Graceful floral decoration for the wedding location

Romantic live wedding music

Premium photo shooting service (around 100 pcs)

DVD containing all high resolution digital photos

Symbolic/Legal wedding certificate

Native English speaking celebrant

Hotel and chapel two way transportation

Your Overseas Wedding is fully supported by Tourism Australia, Korea Tourism Organization and Guam Visitors Bureau. We had hosted different wedding events with Tourism Authority of Thailand and awarded by Tourism Australia as “Aussie Specialist”. Our company has passed the audition of Hong Kong Productivity Council and has been officially appointed as “Quality Wedding Merchant” of the ESDlife. We were also awarded by the leading wedding magazine – Wedding Message as “Super Like Overseas Wedding Expert”. This makes Your Overseas Wedding being a more well-known and promising company.


If you would like to learn more about us, please feel free to call us at (852)8102 2243. Our professional wedding planner and specialists are very pleased to share our experience with you. http://www.youroverseaswedding.com/chi/destination-wedding.htm



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