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Okinawa Ginoza Chapel – a chapel with nice beach, breathtaking Seaview and gorgeous garden!

“Would you prefer to have an expensive and ostentatious wedding with lots of guests or just a simple one?” Well, being a minimalist, I just want everything to be simple and quiet because it makes things and life much better in many ways. Continue reading

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法國在你印象裡是怎樣的一座城?浮現在很多人腦海中的第一印象,一定是“浪漫”。 再沒有一個城市會像巴黎,總透著一種微妙的曖昧和莫名的嚮往。在巴黎,愛是一種慣性,不管你在哪個角落都能看到相擁的戀人,不分性別、年齡。 Continue reading

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