A unique two-door wardrobe

Because live in the metropolis of land and gold, a lot of people choose small family model helplessly, and the business that buys furniture to small family model is a very entangled thing, especially those dimensional and narrow bedroom.Below teach everybody how to choose small family bedroom applicable furniture, recommend 4 white double door chest for everybody, distinctive design space is no less than 3 door chest.

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Han style solid wood wardrobe

product description: the design of this white wardrobe is simple (simple decoration effect), the craftsmanship of carving and elegant ceramics are mixed together, which is very pastoral and romantic. The wardrobe is divided into 3 layers, which can meet your usual storage needs.The theme effect of the wardrobe looks very exquisite, the level of bright carving is also very popular, the most important thing is that this wardrobe is very practical.

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White simple double door wardrobe

product description: this ivory chest looks upscale, the simple and tough lines reflect the perfect design.The handle of the ancient copper ring adds a gentle temperament.The design of this chest is very white take, dimensional capacity is enough, ground floor still can put a few illicit thing.Small door model (small door model decorates effect graph) bedroom (bedroom decorates effect graph) the chest that USES this kind of two doors already enough .

Two door wardrobe of Europe type idyllic

product description: the door of this wardrobe adopts delicate handle and relief carving, which is very chic.Cabinet corner USES circular corner design, can place to be hit injury.This is a very provide rural (field decorates effect graph) the chest of the style, also suit to pursue small capital to live house advocate choice very much.

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