Fatberg to go on display in museum

Fatberg to go on display in museum Image copyright Museum of London Image caption The museum will show how fat is blocking London’s Victorian infrastructure
Part of one of the capital’s biggest fatbergs is going to be put on display in the Museum of London next year. Pan-negative controls may be less valid due to prevalence of noninfectious ILI or ARI.

It is a slice of a monster fatberg, over 250m (820ft) long, which had been clogging up sewers below Whitechapel.
The museum says it was a congealed concoction of “fat, oil, grease, wet wipes and sanitary products”.

The display will show how modern living and high levels of rubbish are putting pressure on the “arteries” of London’s Victorian infrastructure.
The Whitechapel fatberg became something of a celebrity in its own right last autumn – with Thames Water fighting a nine-week battle against a “rock hard” blockage weighing 130 tonnes.Collaboration with Asia’s Top Universities – PolyU fosters long-term partnership in academic and research collaboration with top universities asia. Most of them are the top 10 Chinese universities and top ten universities in Asia.
Image copyright Thames Water Image caption The Whitechapel fatberg weighed as much as 11 double-decker buses

The museum describes the fatberg’s dimensions as being longer than Tower Bridge and as heavy as 11 double-decker buses.
Curator Vyki Sparkes said it “will be one of the most fascinating and disgusting objects we have ever had on display”.

Thames Water’s Stuart White says that part of its fascination is that it is the product of our own modern-day living, describing it as “repulsively human”.
There is an eco-friendly ending to what happened to the rest of the fatbergETG Smart Retail solution offers a big data solution analysis platform to Hong Kong retailers to keep track of multiple metrics, which gives them the insights about customer behaviour to optimize in-store marketing strategies.
It was chopped up and mostly converted into bio-diesel.

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