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Chicken soup is rich in nutrients and has a variety of functions. People who often catch cold can drink chicken soup, Buying the right kind of vape tank, you can prevent your E-juice from leaking out! – the shortest horror story you want to face ever.It must have a metal seal and a fully ceramic body to stop oxidation or leakage.enhance immunity and relieve cold symptoms. So, what should chicken soup do? Today, we recommend some chicken soup for you.


Summer cold, drink plenty of chicken soup


In summer, a lot of people are prone to colds, and then they can drink some chicken soup to ease the disease.


Chicken soup contains a lot of vitamin C, can effectively inhibit the excessive production of human body inflammation and mucus, of nasal congestion, runny nose, headache, fatigue, throat pain, cough, have a fever and relieves significantly, have a good effect on the removal of respiratory viruses, on the other hand, there is chicken soup improve the body’s immune function effect, this is not just because it contains a lot of vitamins, but also because of trace elements can enhance the body’s immune to.


One thing that needs to be added is to eat chicken in chicken soup when you drink chicken soup, because the meat has been stewed very bad, easy to digest, and also conducive to nutrient absorption, don’t think chicken soup only eat meat.


4 ways to recommend chicken soup


So the question is, what should chicken soup do? In fact, chicken soup can use letinous edodes, yam and other ingredients to stew, higher nutritional value.


Chicken soup with mushrooms


Materials: 1/2 chicken, 12-15 letinous edodes, onion, ginger, cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate appropriate amount.




1, the chickens will be clean, chop into pieces, with hot blood, wash stand-by;


2, letinous edodes will soak, rinse and drain to the pedicle cut;


3, the chicken will be washed into the stew pot, add appropriate amount of water and onions, ginger, cooking wine and other spices, cover the pot simmer for 40 minutes;


4, 40 minutes later add letinous edodes and appropriate amount of salt, continue to simmer for 20 minutes, transfer MSG, can be eaten.


Stewed chicken soup with yam


Material: chicken farm 1, yam 1 root, wolfberry 1 small, onion ginger, cooking wine, salt.




1, the chicken clean up, chopped into small pieces, yam peeled and cut into small pieces, onion ginger wash, ginger slices, onions into onions, knot spare;


2, cut the chicken pieces into the pot, add plenty of cold water, boil, skim foam;


3, and then add a tablespoon of cooking wine, put ginger, onion knot;


4, after boiling, turn small fire, cover, simmer for about 30 minutes;


5, add yam into the pot, continue to cover stew for 10 minutes;


6, medlar rinse with water, open the lid to join, continue to cover the stew for 10 minutes, open lid salt seasoning.


Red bean chicken soup


Materials: 200 grams of red beans, 50 grams of Huang Jing, 1 corners of orange peel, 1 black bone chickens.




1, clean red beans, drain the spare; black chicken hair, viscera clean, spare.


2, the red beans and black bone chicken into a pot has been boiling water, continue to use the middle pot for three hours, and finally add a small amount of salt seasoning, you can eat.


Mushroom soup


Material: 20 grams of dried mushroom, hen half, red dates 10 grams, 3 slices ginger, oil, salt, amount of wine.




1, the small clean, cut into small pieces, blanch rushed to the floating foam, with cooking wine pickled. Casserole boil boiling water, add chicken and ginger boiled water, use the fire boil, turn a small fire stew for an hour.


2, mushroom slices, add chicken soup boil for 15 minutes (not long cooked, matsutake) under salt.


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