Spiffygirl-how to learn English: crazy and foreigners chat

Spiffygirl, I work in a foreign company, deeply feel the importance of English … …

English is good, is to give yourself a new opportunity to give yourself a new height
A lot of things, do not do nothing, do will be very different!

My company is headquartered in Singapore and employees are from all over the world, so communication with colleagues is almost all in English. But after all, English is not my mother tongue, so the face of each country to reconcile the faster English language speed, I have to work hard to understand. I think a person wants to learn English, the best way is crazy and foreigners to chat, for example, can be made to make their mother tongue is English friends. Because forced to speak English, will be linked to enhance our ability to listen, listening and speaking ability, is a good way to learn English!
However, everyone does not necessarily have the opportunity to make foreign friends, so it is very important to “create an English-speaking environment for yourself” I think VoiceTube HERO is really a good online learning platform, “look at the film to learn English” approach is particularly innovative, and then with a wide range of listening and speaking questions and answers, use it will not be very boring, plus The system will help you row class progress, these functions are very helpful to learn English.

Many people will ask: “why in the end to learn English?” For me, I think a person in English is good, you can have a better career development. If a person is so good, but English is not fluent, he may lose his assignment or transnational management, work opportunities; but if he is good, English Ye Hao, have the opportunity to become the leader of the whole of Asia, or even Higher-level cross-regional supervisor. This is two completely different levels of work! So, I hope that my English ability to continue to progress in the future to have the opportunity to work overseas and become a multinational company management personnel.

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