the retail giants have launched online shopping for one hour


Tencent Technologies Amazon has become the world’s largest e-commerce giant. Everywhere Amazon goes, it is

imposing enormous competition pressure on physical retailers. For them, if they do not want to be eliminated by

Amazon, they can only follow Amazon’s example

According to foreign media reports, in the British market, Amazon launched online shopping for one hour,

shocked the industry. At present, there are already many entity retail giants have launched online shopping for one

hour service.

According to the US technology news website Engadget, Tesco, the world’s largest retailer, has opened a

large number of supermarkets in China. In June 26th, Tesco announced that it would launch an hour service in

London. According to media reports, as early as May, the company has been testing for an hour to serve the

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Through the iOS and Android version of the “Tesco Now” client, consumers can choose up to 20 items from 8

a.m. to 11 p.m. for more than 1,000 items. Tesco will provide fast delivery services, with a one-hour delivery

charge of 8 pounds (equivalent to 70 yuan) and a two-hour delivery charge of 6 pounds.

In the shopping client, consumers can also focus on where the express company has shipped their


Before Tesco, Sainbury, another British retail supermarket giant, also launched an hour-long door-to-door

service in London. The supermarket charges a delivery fee of 5 and supports up to 25 items.

According to reports, the actions of the above retail giants are aimed at countering Amazon’s British


As early as 2015, Amazon launched an hour-long door-to-door service in London, the UK, called prime Now. It

is reported that the one-hour delivery fee is 7, but Amazon does not charge a special delivery fee if it can

tolerate two hours of door-to-door delivery (provided that the user must be a prime package member who has paid the

annual fee).

So far, Amazon’s one-hour express service has covered many cities in the UK, supporting 20,000 items in some


In the U.S. home market, Amazon also launched an hour of express delivery service in several cities, but

there are still some restrictions on the number of goods.

It is worth mentioning that Amazon’s online retail service has already stepped out of the United States and

covered a large number of countries and regions around the world. Amazon and physical retailers have had a fierce

battle. The physical retail industry represented by Wal-Mart is following Amazon’s innovative and characteristic

services, thereby weakening them. Competitive advantage.

Wal-Mart, for example, once imitated the pri system, known as Amazon’s Secret Weapons, but not long ago,

Wal-Mart announced once again that it would completely abolish the charging model for its members. Wal-Mart would

offer free delivery services for a certain amount of shopping. Wal-Mart also announced that it would offer full

express delivery services. Increase speed.

In the Chinese market, Amazon has already laid out its layout by acquiring a small website, but so far

Amazon has not launched an hour’s delivery in China. Amazon does not have a strong sense of presence in China’s e-

commerce market because of the monopolistic advantages of Alibaba and Jingdong.


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