leaning suddenly forward with clasped

“Oh, my dear Mr. Holcroft!” the widow began.
“Can’t talk with you yet,” and he hastened on.
“As soon as he’s sure the house is safe, Jane, all will be well.”
But the girl had grown hopeless and cynical.  She had not penetrated his scheme to apartments hong kong restore her mother to health, but understood the man well enough to be sure that her mother’s hopes would end as they had in the past.  She sat down apathetically on the trunk to see what would happen next.
After a brief inspection Holcroft came down from the roof and said, “The chimney will have to be repaired,” which was true enough and equally so of other parts of the dwelling.  The fortunes of the owner were reflected in the appearance of the building.
If it were a possible thing Holcroft wished to carry out his ruse undetected, and he hastened upstairs again, ostensibly to see that all danger had passed, but in reality to prepare his mind for an intensely disagreeable interview. “I’d rather nu skin face a mob of men than that one idiotic woman,” he muttered. “I could calculate the actions of a setting hen with her head cut off better than I can this widow’s.  But there’s no help for it,” and he came down looking very resolute. “I’ve let the fire in my stove go out, and there’s no more danger,”  he said quietly, as he sat down on the porch opposite Mrs. Mumpson.
“Oh-h,” she exclaimed, with a long breath of relief, “we’ve saved the dwelling.  What would we have done if it had burned down!  We would have been homeless.”
“That may be my condition soon, as it is,” he said coldly. “I am very glad, Mrs. Mumpson, that you are so much better.  As Jane told you, I suppose, I will pay you the sum I agreed to give you for three months’ service–”
“My dear Mr. Holcroft, my nerves have been too shaken to talk business this morning,” and the widow leaned back and looked as if she were going to faint. “I’m only a poor lone woman,” she added feebly, “and you cannot be so lacking in the milk of human kindness as to take advantage of me.”
“No, madam, nor shall I allow you and Lemuel Weeks to take advantage of me.  This is my house and I have a right to make my Travel Statisticsown arrangements.”
“It might all be arranged so easily in another way,” sighed the widow.
“It cannot be arranged in any other way–” he began.
“Mr. Holcroft,” she cried,  hands and speaking effusively, “you but now called me your good woman.  Think how much those words mean.  Make them true, now that you’ve spoken them.  Then you won’t be homeless and will never need a caretaker.”
“Are you making me an offer of marriage?” he asked with lowering brow.
“Oh, no, indeed!” she simpered. “That wouldn’t be becoming in me. I’m only responding to your own words.”
Rising, he said sternly, “No power on earth could induce me to marry you, and that would be plain enough if you were in your right mind.  I shall not stand this foolishness another moment.  You must go with me at once to Lemuel Weeks’.  If you will not, I’ll have you taken to an insane asylum.”
“To an insane asylum!  What for?” she half shrieked, springing to her feet.

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