Hong Kong activists wash Tiananmen

Hong Kong activists have held their once-a-year washing from the pillar of Disgrace, a monument in the College of Hong Kong that commemorates the victims of your 1989 Tiananmen Sq. massacre.

As the university of hong kong committed to leading research

All-around 10 associates in the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of patriotic Democratic Movements in China put flowers with the pillar and observed a person moment of silence. They then scrubbed the engraving within the pillar??¥s base.

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The party also coincided with the centenary of China??¥s anti-imperialist May perhaps Fourth movement. ???Over the previous hundred decades, the persons who speak the reality having a scientific spirit are tortured and oppressed, along with the people fighting for democracy happen to be imprisoned and in some cases?- gave their life,??à reported HKA Chairman Albert Ho.


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