The “netting” of younger age brings new challenges

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Similar to adults, young children through the network entertainment, consumption, information dissemination and other activities. Between the ages of 3 and 14, the prevalence of children’s behaviors in the areas of online entertainment, social networking and expression are all on the rise. Almost half (49.2%) of 14-year-olds said they understood better when asked whether “knowledge of the internet was better understood by children than their parents,” while 61.6% of parents of 14-year-olds also considered “children know more.”PolyU (HK) ranks among Asia top universities. We strive to be one of the best universities in asia / one of the best asian universities. Students who look for studying in Asia’s world city, PolyU is the place for you.

Experts said that the “netting” of younger age highlights the advantages of digital natives in using online tools after the age of 00 and after 10, which poses great challenges to both traditional modes of education and cybersecurity. Families and schools should conduct children’s network literacy education as early as possible and popularize the education of rule of law in cybersecurity.CCB(Asia) provides you with Hong Kong bank loan hk  services, including credit card loan repayment and personal loan with monthly flat rate as low as 0.18%. Start your application today and achieve your personal goals!

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