“Tie Golden Flower” rules of the game

Bar Jinhua is a widespread Chinese folk games, players can participate in 2 to 6 people. The game uses 54 cards to remove the king size, get a license before you put in the pot first agreed, then each take three cards, then began to get a license to bet. After some courage contest, users will give up with the increase, while leaving only two users, or the authorities has reached the upper limit “Fifty K” rules of the game and gameplay of unity bet the flop. According to “comparison rules” to determine the winner. Is both off than courage than wisdom of the game, the reality of the contest between the different psychological factors has become a major feature of the game.


Two armies meet brave victory, bar Jinhua game more popular it is the wise: it is more like an intense psychological stimulation war, psychological warfare outcome completely beyond the type of licensing rules, which is the bar Jinhua game fun. By psychological warfare to grasp the winning or losing in decision-making. As long as you have the wisdom and courage, we will be able to become the final winner!

Game terms

● Winner: win the last round of players, you can get the upper hand cards.
● bottom of the pot: first the initial investment for each note, the same per game.
● Minimum raise: raise the minimum amount each time.
● Minimum “Dig the earth” rules of the game bet: every bet threshold.
● Max Bet: Each bet the maximum amount.
● cap: the upper limit of the maximum bet per game can be aggregated.
● dark Note: do not look bet.
● call: the home and put in the same amount of Notes.
● filling: Increase in investment on the basis of home investment note.
● Ming NOTE: Players read the cards, look after the bet is dark card doubled.
● give up: to abandon the original note, sentenced to lose.

Card size rule

● Shunjin: Junko same suit. Spades 678, 123 square piece
● Golden Flower: same color, non-straight. Spades 679, 135 square piece
● Junko: different colors straight. Square piece of spades 6 hearts 7 8
● Pair: Two cards of the same point. AA8,88A
● Special: Different colors 235
● Single: three cards do not have any cards of the same type
● Size Rule 1: Leopard> Shun Gold> Golden> straight> sub> leaflets
● Size Rule 2: same card type, the order than the point, if the same size, open the dealer lose
● Size Rule 3: When leopards exist, “235 different colors”> “leopard” that when leopards exist, if there are 235 different colors, different colors 235 win
● Size Rule 4: clockwise flop, the same card, the first open those lost.
● Size Rule 5: Shun Jin, Junko special circumstances, AKQ> A23> KQJ> … 234
● Single card size: A> K> Q … ..> 2

Licensing Rules

● Starting from the licensing winner, three per player initial cards “FreeCell” rules of the game and play are dark card.

OK Makers

● first randomly selected dealer, later clockwise round the village.

Operating rules

● Only when their turn before they can be “bet”, “note”, “look” brand “give up” operation.

Betting rules

● The first winner clockwise a “bet.”

Open licensing rules

1, when only two players in the proceeding, the parties choose to display the flop, you can open at any time to pay double the chip card.
2, when the betting has reached the cap room, the system will automatically open the card.
Note: If a player is not enough to pay the “Chase the Pig” rules and play the game remaining wealth Xijin, you only pay the remaining wealth value.

Call, raise Rules

● Each time you call, raise the room were not exceed the agreed “with the note” “raise” cap.
● the last bet, flop allowed to exceed the upper limit of the room, to achieve capping the flop.

Xijin rules

● leopard: charge for home “fee * 10 = bottom of the pot,” to catch the card type of person.
● Shunjin: charge for home “pot * Cost = 5”, to catch the card type of person.
● 235 leopard play: 235 to win money in the hands leopard and leopard Xijin exemption.
● Xijin authorities all players active players offline or exit have to pay the appropriate Xijin.
Note: If a player is not enough Xijin home, then Caught it the card game pay the remaining wealth value.

Waive rules

● Game Operation timeout to give up, lose all the chips.
● a player after the break, in addition to continuing with the add users recover their bet, the split has abandoned all bets and disconnection’s.

Determine the outcome

● After reaching the open licensing conditions, players choose flop, according to “card size” rule, for comparison. Card type big victory party. First open the same card type is negative.

Scoring rules

● Game score value and wealth value gains 20 quotes on writing by JK Rowling and losses in the same game that won the 1000 wealth value on the table, the score corresponding to +1000 points; lose wealth value 1000 on the desktop, the corresponding score -1000 points.

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