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Recently watching American TV Dramas has become more and more popular with youth in our country. There are various kinds of reasons. Generally speaking, TV Dramas are suitable for the psychology of youth. The network technology will be developed as well at the same time. What’s more, it can make our spoken English well. Every coin has two sides, but it shows off a humanism, and spreads bad influences such as violence, etc.

I think the positive influences are more important than negative ones.

First of all, a number of American TV Dramas express duty, family, freedom, justice and love concept. It’s useful to develop youth’s recessive education. Only in this way will TV Dramas play a positive part and make up for shortcomings in political education. Next, it can broaden our eyes and knowledge and make us know what is different from home and abroad. With this method, we can know the western society. We’ll be affected by different culture ambience and ideology concept. Under the background of the whole world, knowing the cultures of western countries can promote each country’s communications well. In addition, In this process, TV Dramas play a role of bridge. Then, it will develop independent personality. America uphold particular concept and suggest their educational productions. Youth is the most energetic generation, encourages people show off personality and dares to break the outmoded conventions. It’s the prerequisite of innovation seed funding.

Finally, TV Dramas also help you face reality and surmount ideality. Nowadays, some youth always depend on others, such as their parents or friends. They also have idealism and is extremely conceited or inferiority. They often don’t find themselves in society, due to the influences of life education environment.

By this we can make a conclusion. No matter how hard it will be, we should always be free and try our best to conquer the enemy, just like the actors in the film. Another thing we have to remember is the great development of China. TV Dramas’ productions suggest the culture and psychological state of the country from some kinds of degree. It can promote our country’s economic development. Watching TV Dramas is a way to follow fashion restylane. Therefore, everyone should work hard to make our country stronger and stronger. Through American TV Dramas, we should strengthen our duty and proud of our country. Let’s work together!

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my only indulgence

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