Clear timetable and roadmap

The Dongcheng District Teaching Committee of Beijing has held the deployment of the constitution of the primary and secondary schools. Xu Jianqiu, deputy director of the Dongcheng District Education Commission, made overall arrangements for the construction of Dongcheng District’s primary and secondary schools, and put forward the goal of “one school, one chapter” before the end of 2018PolyU ranks top 30 in QS Asian university rankings 2018. PolyU continues to expand its academic links with those top 100 universities in Asia and top-ranked universities in the world, to create overseas learning opportunities for students.

The so-called school charter is a basic rule for schools to run independently, implement management and perform public functions according to law. Schools and secondary vocational schools must make and amend their statutes and make them open in time. The Dongcheng District Teaching Committee takes the construction of the school constitution as the grasp of the comprehensive reform of the rule of law, the rule of law and the education. Xu Jianqiu said, “school charter must follow the basic principles of legal system unification and adhere to the direction of socialist education, but at the same time, all schools should add their own characteristics to avoid thousands of schools.

In this month, the schools set up the statute construction working group and set up the program of the statute construction work, and completed the draft of the Constitution in April this year. In the process of drafting the draft, experts and lawyers can be invited to participate in the process to ensure the standardization and legality of the content. Before the end of June, should be completed in the revised draft to solicit opinions on the basis of expert opinions issued by the book, the firm issued a legal opinion, and draw the schools will, the Council will discuss. The school to complete the filing work in early July, in view of the fact that, in the college entrance examination, high school can be extended to the end of August to complete. The Charter of the school passed through the review should finally be published on the Internet. On this basis, the Dongcheng District Education Committee will continue to carry out a good training and guidance, improve the review mechanism and ensure the level and quality of the auditData from Trial Evaluating Cardiovascular Outcomes with .

Experts in the field of education and law control the Charter of the school

At present, Dongcheng District relies on the Youth Law School in the area, and has established an evaluation committee of Dongcheng District’s primary and secondary school’s constitution construction work, which is composed of education experts and school district lawyers. 26 experts in the field of legal education, will develop the checks for the district schools charter, formulate related issues answer school related articles, review articles on primary and secondary schools and proposed amendments, the district attorney in the school constitution drafting and revision process, in accordance with the requirements of the school regulations “legal opinion”, to review the legality of the work, and issued a “legal opinion”, the completion of the evaluation work in progressAnother very important role that have is maintaining a sense of transparency in their sales system.

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Love deeply

Our yard with two jujube tree, a tree trunks tall and straight, touch the sky. A curved like a dragon, near the well, such as the umbrella as cover. When spring comes, Atriplex fragrance, elm leaf clusters when, in the jujube began to spit out the yellow leaves, quiet a gloomy winter comes, slowly, gradually become prosperous jujube, sporadic date began to bloom, like the night under the stars, more and more, Zhuiman branches DR Max electronic English, in the wind blowing, the sky float in the air, raise a Babel of criticism of, can not help reminds me of “rustle the towel fall flower, bovine Yi Gu Liu sell cucumber”.

Summer, green jujube hung on the branches, the sun is shining brightly shining, green leaves, verdant. The wind, swaying branches, to fall Zaoer Hua Hua, like rain drops a jujube, hit on the head, do not have a taste.

Autumn, is the best season, lunar calendar in August, various fruit all over the field. Like most or the almost mature dates, half red half green like jade, agate. Until the Mid Autumn Festival, yellow leaves, Zaoer truly mature, red, like a small lantern a exquisite. My brother and I climbed up on the roof DR Max electronic English, he set up the ladder, in the above with a bamboo pole to beat, I picked up in here. A basket full of dates, home brought us joy.

At that time, can eat fresh jujube is a happy thing, mother also didn’t eat jujube dried, save for the winter. Cook in the rice porridge, rice also become sweet.

Graduation that year, I went to northern Shaanxi, saw the jujube jujube, jujube long line on the side of the road, each covered with red dates, is very gratifying. Where the date and our local vary, it is sweet but not greasy, big and small, oval. So, back to a few jins to eat with friends DR Max electronic English, and they all feel very special taste. Now on the market, to buy the big red dates, easily. Just, I miss the jujube flavor childhood home, perhaps because of the hardships of life is more like the sweet scilloides.

As the years old, miss the bygone age people, those in the heart indelible traces, always shines with you my sky, just like the jujube has sweet heart, can’t wipe.

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could I forget

The San San Yan son back, has anyone seen my sad, can not forget, can not cry, hope that it is drunk tea millet flowers, fireworks, only wish this life not regret not regret. The sword Lake, who saw me frivolous, orchid hurriedly, fell when young, if you lift my forehead cinnabar, wind falls, smoke can not afford, litter Confidante drunk candle light, The scenery is like a picture., dream like, I and you in the horizon. Dream in red with a few million, and, love had disappeared in your heart, in your makeup circulation of youth, only to find, you and I have is the vernacular, the ends of the earth to see the streamer fly, ask where is the date, waiting for the flowers to fill the sky, only wish is your life not forget, don't look back smile to the thousands of landscape.

Fireworks in a hurry, white my young heart, time in a hurry, empty you my melancholy dream, not years monologue where memory, only to you once I walk every morning and evening. The breeze, your eyes like stars, looking back, in the early morning, see that hang in the white crane floor of the people, who is who, you I keep at the end of time, but I do not know the first bathing flirtatious, took away our beautiful encounter.

life has quietly through the flat 在雨中我見過你 草在夏風中舞蹈 隔著水簾洞

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