These replace the thinning ones on your head

Easy victimsNeither gender nor age is capable of protecting you from this disease. The unfortunate fact is that even infants are not safe from this trouble.Stress is the most important risk factor for this disease. Studies show that people develop this condition after facing difficult situations in life. Even the extent may vary based on the intensity of the emotional pressure the person is undergoing. Genetic factors too are known to aggravate this trouble. If you happen to notice that you are suffering from this condition, consult a doctor. The expert will diagnose your condition and prescribe a treatment. If you don’t want to burden your body with chemicals, try these herbal remedies.Herbal creamExplore in your local store and enquire about an herbal hair cream.


The cream increases blood circulation, boosts restoration of hair and contributes towards your overall health. It also opens the capillaries feeding the roots of hair. When new growth starts up, the thin hair on your scalp get thicker. Experience also reveals that the cream helps hair to maintain its natural texture.Take ½ teaspoon of the oil and mix it with water in appropriate amount. Massage your scalp with the solution. Leave it for one hour and wash it clean.Herbal supplementThis too is designed to boost the overall health and re-growth of your lost hair. It functions on the principle that it is impossible to obtain everything one wants from meals alone. It also helps the metabolism of your skin and increases blood circulation. As a result, new hair starts growing.


These replace the thinning ones on your head. Have one capsule per day along with milk or any other dairy product.Chinese herbsYou can also go for Chinese herbs if you feel that they offer practical solutions for the trouble. According to Chinese medicine, alopecia areata is a type of deficiency syndrome; especially of blood. It also believes that the winds play a vital role in aggravating the trouble; hence the name youfeng. There are numerous herbs you can buy from the market. Rehmannia, Moutan, Scrophularia and Biota leaf are just a few to mention. Just make sure that you go for a treatment only after a thorough research on the same.Natural alopecia areata treatment is increasing in popularity nowadays. Experiment with these herbs, you would consider yourself wise for taking the decision.

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