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Hội An, Vietnam 越南會安古城

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[會安] Dawn & Dusk 日出日落

Dawn and dusk have always been neglected in daily life, but we do have enough energy and time to cherish them when travelling. Continue reading

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[會安]看家庭崗位 Family Status in Hoi An

不帶有性別歧視成見,根據個人旅途上的觀察所見,市場內絕大部分是女性商販及顧客(當地人告知男人去市場是十分罕見的事,一是因為男人在買菜比較易受騙,二就是越南主婦持家有道一手包辦),而路邊地攤茶檔則以男性顧客為主 令我看得入神的是肉檔的女店主,巾幗不讓鬚眉,揮動肉刀手起刀落,絕不手軟! Solely based on personal observations on the road with no intent to discriminate any gender, the major crowd in Vietnamese market is female shopkeepers and shoppers (to … Continue reading

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