When starting to remember

This summer, I accompanied my mother to Hongya, that is where she was born.

Mother in the 7,8 years old, just follow their parents moved to Xi’an. Although forty years have passed, but until now, Sichuan culture in her left the mark is still very deep. She told me to use the Sichuan dialect aunt called, and said I was the home of the “little sister”.631bf30a644066a0af2ec71ebb027e54

From Xi’an to Hongya, coupled with the turnover in Chengdu, we spent nearly 20 hours of time. At that time is the hottest year of the year, I have been high temperature and long journey, tortured to a little listless, but the mother is still excited, she told me over and over again her childhood. Barefoot running in the muddy vegetable field; sitting behind the grandfather’s bike, from the high slope straight down, ears whining the wind so she could not open his eyes; keep in the peanut shells and Pepper branches next to the stove, even if the smoke of the DC tears, but also look at the stove on the stove slowly dried, become sallow … …

To Hongya is 3 pm, in order to catch the last class back to Chengdu bus, we only two hours of time can stay in Hongya.

Out of the county passenger station that little platform, we stood by the sun in August roasted hot asphalt road.

She grabbed my hand and asked me, “Where are we going now?”

I was quite funny looking at her, but from her eyes aware of a trace of confusion. Wipe her hands cold and sweaty, I said, “go to those places when you are young.”

We got an electric tricycle, the owner is a four or five years old aunt. “My sister, and my mother come to us here to play the mountain to play water to eat beans?” She turned his head, smiled and asked me.

“I was with my mother to go home.” I asked to say one, turned to look to the mother. She has been watching the scenery on both sides of the street, like thinking about what.

“Now where do we go?” That aunt asked, while looked at us, like want to see is not a little “Sichuan taste”.

“Oh, oh, we, we go to the county government of the East Street.” I see my mother is still in a daze, with her arms, the mother went past God said, “is your grandfather to work the original place … …”

“Where is the East County government, our county government can always be in the West Street.” That aunt turned around to see us, fear that we do not believe, and added a “I grew up in this long.

“Oh, it may be in the East Street, I remember it wrong … …” Mother back to a sentence, then began to look around, like to find a little memory has been remembered many times the picture The

Hongya, after all, is not a little development of the small town, although the year when the hottest August, but when the breeze blowing, but there is a trace of coolness. The car on the road rarely, the road on both sides of the trees for decades, the branches and leaves together, like a snake out of a dark green network.

“Master, this is not a row of old house?”

“Those houses have long been demolished, you are not coming back for decades, although we are not as good as your big city, but the total is still to develop the building of the … …”

In this way, the mother’s mind that the old house is gone.

Mother told me that she was a child, the most like the dry thing is to take my grandfather to get off work. The way will pass a row of very old and very old house, grandfather took her right hand, she took the left hand touched the old house of bluestone bricks, from the brick lining the sticky moss, secretly wiped the back of the grandfather The If the grandfather found, ready to pinch her face, threaten the next no longer take her out, if not found, she hid behind her grandfather giggling all the way, like doing a big thing.

The county is very small, not long before, then to the county government door. A small door, and no big city government building that aggressive momentum, dark red plaque with bright white tiles, so quietly hidden in the trees of the plane trees.

“Changed, all changed.” Mother stood in front of the door, journeying looked. No extra expression, no extra words, in her eyes, like you want to rely on these already changed the scene, the time back decades, put together the memory of the original appearance … …

The county government to go south, is Tsing Yi River. That river is very wide, the water is also very anxious, take a deep breath, the kind of tide feeling straight people want to sneeze.

“When the weather is good, your grandfather will take me to this play, when the water is now clear, go deep into the place can see the fish.” Mother speak very excited, may be to see the only and memory There is a coincidence of the place, “your grandfather always said to take me to catch fish, not to mention the fish, and I did not even a fish scale in the hands of … …”

I walked barefoot in the shallow place, the white stone slippery but still a little ge feet. Mother has been clinging to me, afraid I slipped. I guess, then the grandfather is also holding the mother’s hand, accompanied her mother walked through her young time that time.

Two hours soon passed, a lot of scenery we did not come and see, there are a lot of scenery has long gone. An old street is white but full of deserted lime wall replaced, the original can be rampage rampage down the big slope has become a spacious flat asphalt road, the small town is changing the United States, but the memories are gone. Mountain is not the original mountain, the water is not the original water, people are no longer the original people.

When the bus on the return journey, the mother did not come to the excitement.

Want to come, when you love the person is not, you and his only memories also slowly disappear with time, this is indeed a sad and terrible thing.

In fact, the grandfather did not take long after moving to Xi’an, died due to illness, leaving the grandmother and mother and sister three. Mother as a eldest daughter, and grandfather memories up, but also the most dare to think about him.

“I am now even your grandfather’s face, are a bit can not remember … …” mother head arrived in the window, with the bumps, the head gently shaking. The sunset outside the window, through the window, sprinkled on the mother’s face. Sun some glare, it seems that a little crystal from the window near the place quickly dropping, I did not see.

Has always been a limited number of young body, easy to leave easy to avoid the soul, wine banquet song Mo speech frequency.

Full of mountains and rivers empty read far, falling winds more injury spring, it is better to pity the eyes of people.

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