The troop of horses

The troop of horses and mules had halted before the low door, and men with lanterns came out of the house. The bank-clerk was the first to vault into the saddle, Huascar holding his stirrup. Then Huascar and the Cajamarca priest mounted reenex cps, ranging themselves on each side of the leader, but just behind him. Huascar turned in his saddle and made a sign. Every Indian in the party threw open his poncho, showing beneath it, in the light of the lanterns, another cloak of brilliant red. The Red Ponchos!” gasped Natividad, grasping Dick’s arm. There was a whistle at the end of the street, answered by another a long way off, at the other end of the Darsena quay,… and the cavalcade started. Dick made as if to follow, but Natividad held him back. Wait, and listen ! We must know which way they are going!” Chapter II H unched forward, he listened, then turned to his companion. The Chorillos road. Unless I am much mistaken, they are following the motor.” Come on; we must get after them! Where can we get horses?” Follow me. We can do better than that. We have the telephone and the railway.” And once again he took up his litany:—The Red Ponchos! The Red Ponchos!” What do you mean by that?… Red or gray, it’s all one…. Those men belong to Huascar’s band, and helped him…. That seems pretty clear to me.” Quite right, quite right. I agree with you now, young sir,” replied Natividad, puffing by Dick’s side as they hurried toward the railway station. Yes, indeed. They are all in it…. The Red Ponchos…. The Priests of the Sun.” Dick stopped dead. Natividad’s last words at last made him understand. He remembered, in a flash, all the legends told by Aunt Agnes and old Irene. And they had seen fit to laugh. Good God!” he groaned, and began running again. As he ran
, he shouted to his companion:—But we’ll catch them yet, and you’ll arrest them all!”

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