How To Write A Critical Analysis Essay - A Complete Guide With Topics

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If you are panicking because you have to submit a critical essay assignment soon, if yes then you are on the best way to solve this issue. A critical essay is a type of academic assignment that is more often assigned to high school and college students. It is sometimes confused with a report as critical essay writing also deals with books, movies, articles, etc. 

A critical analysis essay aims to provide a great evaluation of the piece by reflecting its positive and negative aspects. If you want to learn how to write a perfect critical analysis essay, here is a complete guide with a number of latest topics that you can consider to come with a great piece of writing. Otherwise, you can also opt for a free essay writer to craft a pitch-perfect critical analysis essay for you. You can always contact professionals to get assist in all of your ‘write my essay’ queries. 

Critical Analysis Essay - Step By Step

As this type of essay aims to criticize other’s work, it has to be well structured, clear, and reasoned. You have to describe your attitude towards the work, agree or disagree with the author’s ideas by providing supporting viewpoints and a strong argument. 

  • Critical Reading

To come up with a great critical essay, it is not just enough to simply read a book. It is important to conduct a critical reading to identify the main ideas, determine the main thesis, identify the appeals, and evaluate if the author was successful in conveying his/her message. 

  • Create An Outline

To handle the task, create an outline but first focus on the format of your essay. As a rule, this type of essay has a standard five-paragraph essay format that includes an introductory paragraph, a few body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Keep in mind this standard format to create an outline. 

  • Write Your Essay

It is time to fill the outline with content, pay careful attention to the introductory paragraph and the main body as the most important information will go in these two sections. 

Start the introduction with a hook to grab the reader’s attention. After that define the author’s thesis and outline the main ideas. End it with your own thesis statement and lead the readers to the actual discussion. 

In each body paragraph, present a single idea and answer the key questions that you have stated in the introductory paragraph and support it with evidence, quotes, and examples. 

Rephrase the thesis statement and create a final argument based on the previous explanation in the concluding paragraph. 

Critical Analysis Essay Topics 

Sometimes students struggle in finding an interesting topic for their critical essay. Make sure to pick a controversial, engaging, or something that others avoid to write on. In this way, you can grab the reader’s attention from the very start. For your convenience, below you can find out some latest topics that you can consider to write your essay on. 

  1. Look at a remake of a classic movie
  2. Racism in police enforcement
  3. Discuss ways to efficiently budget
  4. Copyright in technology
  5. The impact of social media on education
  6. Legalizing drugs
  7. Fashion and Identity
  8. Homosexuality and Christianity
  9. Multicultural identity
  10. Gender roles


Now you know how to write a critical analysis essay and what are the latest topics that can be utilized. It is very important for every student to know how to handle critical essays as it is an important assignment in all educational programs. Feel free to choose from the above topics and follow the guidelines to come up with an impressive piece of writing. Furthermore, contact essay writing service to take professional help from their writers. 



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