Korea IRO Snowboard Tour in Beartown, Seoul

Really a fantastic snowboard trip in Beartown, Seoul last year! It was my first time to learn snowboard, and I really love it afterward.

I joined the two days snowboard trip in Korea IRO Snowboard Tour. I went to Seoul to join the trip which was from 20th to 21st of December, 2016. I chose IRO tour because it included the transportation, hostel for one night, equipment, coaches fee and the cable car riding pass in one price. It is convenient with resonable price.

I felt lucky that I chose to learn it for two days. It would not be enough to learn within one day.  Many skills need to be learn before you can play snowboard yourself. I had a rich snowboard training within this two days and I was really enjoy it. However, it also made me exhausted. It is a sports which need many energy. Snowboard is a sports required to use whole body muscle and power. It caused me fatigue and my muscles in all my body need times to recover even I always have exercise on daily time.


Even a kid can play snowboard! That’s surprised me.


Whenever we learn a sport, we need to learn how to fall down properly. We should not be afraid to fall down. It is the only way to success. If we do not fall down, we will never learn it.


The coaches of Korea IRO Snowboard Tour was patient to teach us different skills in snowboard. They was professional that pointed out our mistakes until we have all performed correctly. We learned step by step. I learned how to fall down properly, stand up after wearing the heavy equipment, toe-side and heel side on the first day, and learned toe-to-heel, heel-to-toe on the second day. The second day was a higher level of snowboard. The class size became smaller and our progress in learning were different. It was difficult to learn but all of us have finally done! If I had not joined the second day, I would not be able to slide from the top to the ground without falling down.


Korea IRO Snowboard Tour also provided the meals for us (but not free). We ate the meals inside the hostel we lived. It was delicious that I must mention it here!

It was also a great chance to meet new friends in another country. The boy next to me came from Taiwan to Seoul. He learned two days snowboard with me. We enjoyed the great moment together.



Besides, the coaches came from different countries, such as Taiwan and China. They speaks in Putonghua, so that we do not have the communication problems during the training. Even Korean can speak Putonghua, so we do not have misunderstanding and we can follow the instructions given by the coaches easily.


IMG-20161227-WA0005 IMG-20161227-WA0008

I am surly I will go to borrow the equipment and practice snowboard myself in the coming years. The trip makes me enjoy snowboard very much and I have confident to play snowboard myself. After I can handle the learned skills, I will decide to learn higher level of snowboard.

Please enjoy the video provided by Korea IRO Snowboard Tour :) It was captured by the coaches during the training.


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