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[會安] Dawn & Dusk 日出日落

Dawn and dusk have always been neglected in daily life, but we do have enough energy and time to cherish them when travelling. Continue reading

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[會安]看家庭崗位 Family Status in Hoi An

不帶有性別歧視成見,根據個人旅途上的觀察所見,市場內絕大部分是女性商販及顧客(當地人告知男人去市場是十分罕見的事,一是因為男人在買菜比較易受騙,二就是越南主婦持家有道一手包辦),而路邊地攤茶檔則以男性顧客為主 令我看得入神的是肉檔的女店主,巾幗不讓鬚眉,揮動肉刀手起刀落,絕不手軟! Solely based on personal observations on the road with no intent to discriminate any gender, the major crowd in Vietnamese market is female shopkeepers and shoppers (to … Continue reading

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[緬甸 Myanmar] Build it on water @ Inle Lake 茵萊湖

自小長於南方的中國,臨海的成長環境使我對淡水湖沒多認識,這次真真正正在湖上生活幾天,才見到湖上其實不只是天鵝,原來有這麼多不同的建築物! Brought up in South China, the coastal living environment hasn’t enabled my knowledge about lake so far. This short stay living on lake has taught me there is not only swans in lake but also distinctive architectures! Visit my Facebook page: … Continue reading

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